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Hello, I'm New Here

2014-01-20 00:24:01 by SuperArtNinja

I've lurked this site for many years (I first started visiting around the age of 13, I think). I used to come here regularly, but never had an account. I'm going to be posting up some artwork. I do a wide variety of stuff from fanart to my cast of characters from the story I'm writing. I take critique very well and can give critique so if you want it just ask. I'm also an animation major, but I haven't made a ton due to software restraints and time. Especially the latter.

The SuperArtNinja FAQ:

Q: What is your favorite video game?

A: My favorite game is "Tales of Symphonia" made by Namco.

Q: What's your favorite anime?

A: My favorite animes are "Trigun" and "Gintama". I honestly can't decide which of those two I love more because of how different they are.

Q: What are your favorite genres?

A: My favorite genres of art and literature are fantasy, sci-fi, action, and comedy.

Q: What's your favorite Disney movie and why?

A: My favorite Disney movie is Treasure Planet because it's a different style from Disney's usual one and I appreciate it for that. I also really love the style and story that the movie has as it had a lot of firsts from the company. I firmly believe it is the most under appreciated film ever produced by that company.

Q: Do you do comissions?

A: Yes, I do commisions, BUT I haven't set up a Paypal to accept payments and would rather handle commissions through deviantArt at the moment. If you would like to commission art from me, I would appreciate it greatly if we could arrange a payment through that site for now until I can set up a Paypal account.

Q: Do you have any commission rules?

A: Yes, I do and they are:

1. I will not draw porn or any fetish material. I do not mean to offend anyone, but I just don't want to lower the overall quality of the concepts and art that I draw, by drawing this type of work.

2. I reserve the right to refuse requests based on rude behavior. If you want to commission me, I would like to be treated with respect as I will be treating you with respect.

3. I understand that you have commissioned me, and I like to get work done as expediantly as I can, but I like to put actual effort into my art and it may make my art take longer due to homework, school and other life circumstances. I don't mind if you ask every once in a while (Once every other week) on how much progress I have done, but please do not ask too frequently, I have not forgotten about you and I have other priorities such as what I have mentioned. This isn't as much a rule as it is a request to be patient so that I may give you the highest quality work I can offer.

Thank you for reading and I hope I can make some friends here.


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2014-01-31 03:27:39

Hey there sorry for the late welcome! why don't you try to pass by the forums, or participate more of the other activities here on NG like playing some games and voting, that will sure not only bring more attention to your self and your art, but it will also allow us to know you some more!